Monday, January 24, 2011

I am back, now if i can just remember where i am back from

well, it has been awhile. so many thngs have changed. mainly i lose my oldest son. it has really taken me for a loop. i love him so much. the what ifs is really driving me crazy. my alzheimer's has really taken a nose dive. i try not to stress but that is a useless effort. i see him and it takes my breath away. we had gotten so close in the last few years. i lose my mother last year and the pain with losing my son is so far out there that there is no comparison. we no longer have a chapter here and i am here alone now. no more speeches, no more interviews, no more getting the word out. i feel like a redheaded step child. i keep busy sewing, crocheting, knitting, whatever it takes to keep my hands going.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a great Thanksgiving

Wednesday before Thanksgiving I received the most wonderful news. I had been trying for months to get into a case study with a drug that stops Alzheimer's where I am at. They had to do a Cat scan Tuesday b/c I was diagnosed with vascular dementia and if this was true I could not get in the study. The results came back that I did not have vascular dementia it is all Alzheimer's. Somebody else may have been upset with that news but I was so excited I cried. For a chance to stay where I am right now and not get worse is great. Now for the drug to work. YEA! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, up until Lynn's accident Thursday night. Oh yea, I start my first visit to the research clinic Thursday Dec 3. I am including a picture of me, Lynn, Chelsea, Angel and Susie at the 2009 Northeast Louisiana Memory Walk.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hey ya"ll

It's been so lond since I sit down and wrote on my blog. I am hanging in there. I finished the National advisory board in July, I think, and the La. Task Force in Oct. I try to stay busy on a local level now, every chance i get. Here are 2 newspaper articles printed this month. They miss quoted Sandy about not being able to stop Alzheimer's, they left out the word not after can. Other than that I have really been trying to get the word out.,

Sal at has some new purple ribbons for those of you that machine embroidry, so stop by and look around. I really have been pushing other companies to remember us next year for National Alzheimer's Awareness Month.

Till later. Hug someone you love. Sue

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, it's been awhile since I wrote. I think about writing then I get sidetracked and forget about it. Alot has happened since my last writing about me including my Alzheimer's getting worse. I have been under alot of stress lately and the last month has proven stress is not good with Alzheimer's. My mother passes away a couple of weeks ago after a couple months of amazing the doctors by being taken off the vent and living more than a couple of hours as they predicted. My youngest son has gotten married and until a couple weeks ago refused to move out. My oldest daughter is stressed out carrying for her mother-in-law with Alzheimer's and taking care of her granddaughter, so my next to the oldest and I are taking turns caring for the baby (2 year old). I finished my year with National and we are wringing down the task force. It has to be finished to present in Sept. I am so thatnkful for the year I had the priviledge to be on National, it was very rewarding, and I have to admit the third Tues seemed strange not doing a conference call. I am trying to get in a clinical trial study. I have to keep getting involved or else I will go down even faster. I feel like I am in a race to do so many things that I do not have time to do. Oh well that is it for now. Don't forget about the memory game at the bottom of the page.

Monday, July 27, 2009

FREE $$$

I found this on the, FREE $$$. This is a great way to help raise money for alzheimer's awareness. Please stop by and check it out. Thanks Sue

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking my future in the eye

I am sitting with my mom in the hospital. She has Alzheimer's along with other medical problems. They did a biopsy this morning. Back to her Alzheimer's, yesterday I spent the day listening to the way I will be one day. She was so out there. One minute she knew who I was and then she thought I was her sister. My brother has been dead for years but yesterday she thought he was 21 looking for a job. Then she thought I was dead and my grandparents were in heaven watching over me. The list goes on and on. I was able to handle all of it but I worry that my kids and Jesse are not going to be able to when I get to that point. I will miss my first task force meeting tomorrow. Guess I will close for now. Hug someone and let them know you care. Sue